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The site for Christians to learn how to honor God with their financial stewardship, protect their family, and be empowered to create a life they love and leave a legacy that lasts. 

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Eliminate stress and anxiety about money.

I have found that people give into a culture-driven mindset about money and that leads them to work in jobs they don't like, spend money on things that give them temporary satisfaction and drift with little to no plan or vision for their life.

I created this site to guide you in a shift from a culture-driven money mindset to a spirit-led perspective. I created a process that applies financial planning and spiritual learning to a person's unique values, circumstances and aspirations in order to create a faith-based Financial Life Plan leading to lasting fulfillment.

Financial Wellness

Experience greater purpose, peace and prosperity; be empowered to create a life you love and leave a legacy that lasts.

Claim God's Promises

Learn what it means to be a child of God and how to claim His promises in your life through faith and surrender.

Protect Your Family

It's not enough to plan for your future. You must also prepare for the unexpected in order to protect your loved ones.

Create Your Future

Increase your financial literacy and create a faith-based financial plan that will empower you to create a life you love.

Leave A Legacy

The Christian effect you have on others is the most valuable gift there is. Dare to make an impact.

Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16


Each lesson gives practical information and step by step instructions for you to create your own faith-based Financial Life Plan. Whether you are just getting started or need more advanced information on retirement planning or wealth transfer, we have you covered.

FinancIAL wellness program

Look no further for a Financial Wellness program for your church or business. Financial wellness is fundamentally a feeling - one that enables individuals to engage and serve, or can leave them feeling anxious and detached. Let us help you make an impact in their life by showing the people you care about how to achieve lasting financial peace.

Who We Serve


Create a faith-based Financial Life Plan unique to you and pleasing to God. We breakdown the steps you need to truly put your money to work for good.

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Finally a program that goes beyond the basics of debt management. We share why tithing is important and tax-efficient giving strategies in life and at death.

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A Financial Wellness Program that aligns with Christian values. Income is half the equation to net worth and that is why we created the Level 10 Employee guide..

All Denominations

Life Transforming

Eliminate stress and anxiety about money. Learn basic money management and advanced strategies to grow, protect and transfer your wealth.

Fran McKay

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM and your guide to faith-based financial life planning. My mission is to educate and empower Christians to make better and more informed financial decisions so they can honor God with their financial stewardship, protect their family, create a life they love and leave a legacy that lasts.

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