Financial Planning

Financial Stewardship

Module 1

In Module 1 of Purpose, Peace, and Prosperity, you will be introduced to faith-based financial life planning, learn about God’s promises, read scripture related to financial stewardship and find out which of the six money personalities you most align with in your daily habits.

Module Structure


Congratulations for starting the 3Ps course! This is the place to learn how to put together your own unique, faith-based Financial Life Plan. In this lesson, you will learn how to go through the course (with special instructions for couples), what to expect as you go through it and how to put your faith-based Financial Life Plan together as you go along.

Claim God’s Promises

You have to know who you can be in order to become that person. In this lesson, you will be reminded that you can be a child of God and how to claim His promises in your life.

Financial Stewardship

Learn what it means to be a faithful steward and how money can become Mammon. Mammon is anything you treasure or put your faith in over God. In a society built on consumerism, it is easy to believe money can solve your problems, and give you peace and joy. In truth, what you really need is a spirit-led perspective influencing your heart, your mind, and your soul, and guiding how you spend your time and money.


Money Mindsets and Personalities

Your past experiences consciously and subconsciously impact your financial behavior.  Your "mind on money" can help you make rational and logical decisions at times but also lead you to irrational behavior at other times. In this lesson, you will have an opportunity to reflect on what experiences influence you when you are thinking rationally and logically about money, but also the personal challenges you face that may lead you to make irrational money decisions.